All services in one laboratory

One of the specialties of Vitros Lab is the reliable and fast testing of the quality and safety of your products: We offer a wide range of in-house tests. Vitros Lab analyzes raw materials and food products for their ingredients, tests declaration values, determines vitamins and much more.



Heavy metals in food

Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury are powerful pollutants. They occur naturally in the earth's crust and enter our biosphere mainly as a result of industrial processes. Strict limits have been set, compliance with which must be tested regularly.

Various oils and fats

Thanks to the special expertise of the laboratory, we can test samples for quality and impurity (maximum content determined by law, fatty acids, vitamins…). Fatty products, fats and oils are analyzed in our special laboratory.

Residue analysis in food
Vitros Lab has modern, highly sensitive laboratory instruments and exceptional expertise for the reliable detection of unwanted substances and residues in food products. We can test the safety of your products for allergens, pesticide residues, heavy metals, dioxins or other contaminants. For the tests required for product release, we offer an express service upon request. Our size and capacity allow us to offer regular customers professional support and free analytical / measurement capacity in crisis situations.
Nutrient analysis

For quality control and labeling purposes, we perform:
nutrient analysis (water, fat, protein, carbohydrates, ash), fatty acid analysis, amino acid analysis, dietary fiber analysis, and testing the shelf life of fresh products and preparations.

Benefits of Vitroslab analysis for food waste

We perform fast and inexpensive tests which means that product safety does not cost a fortune. Our range of analytical methods has been constantly adapted to the prevailing circumstances. Vitros Lab offers you reliable and unbiased test results.

We evaluate the results in a comprehensible manner with the aim of legally permissible limits. We keep our customers informed of new potential hazards that come to light during waste testing. Efficient laboratory techniques, high measuring capabilities and an experienced team guarantee fast and reliable processing of orders, even in a crisis.
Why are regular checkups so important?
Anyone who produces and markets food products bears a great responsibility, even in the legal sense. Therefore, evidence of regular self-monitoring can be essential in the event of a claim for damages. This includes traceability of goods flows on the one hand and random analytical sampling on the other. These procedures provide assurance on the quality of raw materials, processes and final products. We can gladly advise you on this matter.
Food ingredients

We test raw materials and food products according to methods known for all constituents and additives: examining the accuracy of specifications, marketability, nutritional labeling. Vitros Lab provides support in developing reasonable, risk-based testing plans and finds the right balance between safety and cost-effectiveness. Increasingly, we also advise retail chains on formal labeling issues for their brand range products.

Are you worried about your water? We can help you!

Accurate test results start with the right sampling techniques. Not only do we perform laboratory tests, but we will collect your samples at your address in advance.